The Lore of The Six Dragons

Once Nemberus was a serene place... then the Dragons came.

Fierce, ruthless, destructive. The humans tried their best to defeat them, but they were too powerful. The Dragons had already destroyed a very big part of the world and took men, women, even children as hostage spirits to serve them. A part of the beautiful forest of Aligren had turned into a dark, desolate place called Zargat, the crystal-clear waters of Tilisen had transformed into the muddy, ugly wastelands of Mooria and the once beautiful mountain of Reigfrez was now partly covered in hot, devastating lava in Agrazael. There seemed to be no way to save anything, soon Nemberus would turn into a ghost planet, a universe subdued to creatures that were far outweighing its humble human residents.

More coming soon……