Levelling System 101

Learn about all the different levels and tiers in The Six Dragons Alpha

Level scaling in The Six Dragons affects almost every part of the gameplay experience. Inspired by many classic and modern RPGs, the game already features four core types of levelling that you need to be aware once you step foot in the game.

Player Level & Item Tier

Every player starts as level 1 (Lv1). Through various in-game interactions, such as collecting materials or killing monsters, the player earns XP points that are used to level. The level is of each player is linked with a number of areas.

First, the skills of your hero grow as you reach higher levels. Second, the player level affects which items (weapons, armour, jewels) can be equipped. Specifically, you can equip items according to the table below. Regardless of your level, you are able to craft or enchant any gear you hold in your inventory.

Item Tier - Player Level

Lv.1 Items - Level 01 or higher players

Lv.2 Items - Level 10 or higher players

Lv.3 Items - Level 20 or higher players

Lv.4 Items - Level 30 or higher players

Lv.5 Items - Level 40 or higher players

Lv.6 Items - Level 50 or higher players

Please make sure to familiarize with this table before you acquire or trade items with other players, to select the right gear according to your level.

All the items that belong to Early Adopter’s collection (EA), are end-level Lv6 gear and can be equipped from players with level 50 or higher. They were only available in our first pre-sale and cannot be looted in the game.

To recognise the level of an item, you can see the information provided in the in-game inventory or in your wallet and enjinx.io. For recipes, materials, and consumables, the level can be found on the name of the blockchain asset, while for crafted and enchanted items the information is shown in the description (the crafted items from the early alpha waves might have an empty description—for those items, please rely on the recipe to find its level until they are updated)

Area Level

Every spot on the map has a unique level. This level greatly affects the level of the monsters you will encounter, the level of the loot drops you may get in this area, and the level of portals/dungeons you will find.

The information about the area level can be found on the right of the screen. Please notes that certain areas might be really close to each other while having an important level difference. That means you should be ready to face much higher levelled opponents if you are wandering in unknown areas.

To give you an example, if you are crossing a 1-5 Level Area, you should expect opponents levelled around the 1-5 area (could be slightly higher as well), Lv1 portals and dungeons (that require a Lv1 portal key or crystal), and Lv1 loot drops.

Enchant Level

A critical part of the game is enchanting. Players can use some scrolls of enchant, to give unique powers to their weapons, armor and jewels. Currently, there are three types of enchanting. The regular enchanting where players can level up any gear up to +15 (after 15 consecutive enchants), or give their weapons the power of fire or thunder (currently only for Lv6 items).

You can see the enchant level of any item from its name and its token image. In particular, the name of an enchanted item would be Dragon’s Ring +3, indicating that the item has been enchanted three times. As you can see below, the image of the blockchain asset also shows this information.

Currently, all the enchants up to the +3 level are free of risk and will succeed regardless of the enchant scroll that will be used. Make use of this opportunity as it lasts, as enchant scrolls will be some of the most hard to get items in The Six Dragons.