Getting Started

A hero wakes up in a mysterious village.....

The hero wakes up in the village. He woke up and gasped for air. His head felt heavy, his feet numb. Where was he? What had happened to him? Sounds of birds and insects were coming from above him. All he could see was trees, deep green trees and branches. A heavy layer of brown leaves was covering his body. And then, he realized he remembered nothing.

Starting Screen

What to do next?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the control keys - Press -M- -> Select -Settings- -> Select -Controls-.

  2. Press -I- to access your inventory and equip your starting gear by clicking on them.

  1. Visit with the local vendor (press -F-) to purchase the rest common gear, some potions, and the light scroll. You have enough starting gold to take these.

  1. Finalize your equipment and press -L- to learn your first ability.

Before you start…

  1. At the moment, you are only able to save progress in the first village. So try to survive and safely return to Aligren to keep your XP points.

  2. In the first village, you can see a teleport gate. By using this gate, you can transfer to other villages/islands once you unlock them.

  3. The map can only be accessed through the mini-map until the open-world finalizes. If you get lost and want to return home, try to find the home icon in the compass that will lead you to the nearest village you can save your progress.

  4. As an advice, try to regularly check the area level on the top right of the screen. Encountering a considerably higher levelled monster will most likely kill you.

  5. If you die, you will lose your XP gain and all the off-chain materials you collected. Your blockchain loot, however, is safe as it will land straight to your wallet, in real-time.

  6. If you exit the game and return to the menu, you have to re-login again to play in blockchain mode.

  7. You can only obtain loot when killing opponents up to 8 levels lower than your level. For example, if you are lv10, you can still loot items from lv2 monsters but not from lv1. If you feel you are better looting at low levels instead of taking your chances against higher-level opponents, you may use the XP-levelling toggle that will lock your level and won’t give XP points from fights and other game activities.

  8. For the current testing phase, save files from your progress are not able to be transferred to other computers or users. Also, please note that your progress is local and if you have to re-install the game it will be lost (your blockchain assets remain valid on any occasion).

You are now ready to explore the world! 🐲 🐲