Exploring the World

A short overview of what you will encounter across Nemberus during the alpha testing

Areas - Locations

Currently, the map includes 6 areas and a few mystical locations. Every location has a different difficulty level (monsters of higher level) and unique climate conditions (e.g. if you move north, you will encounter more snowy conditions). The known locations so far are:

  • Aligren (starting village)

  • Zargat

  • Tilisen

  • Mooria

  • Agrazael

  • Reigfrez

Players at the moment have access to only a small part of the open world. This decision was made based on two considerations. First, to ensure a fair experience for everyone, we didn’t want to give access to higher-level areas that early only to a small number of testers. Second, there are important gameplay updates on the short-term roadmap, and we decided its best to uncover more parts, once these improvements have been implemented.

Inside every village you can find:

  • An NPC that allows you to save/load the game.

  • The vendor NPC, that lets you buy plenty of in-game items (non-blockchain items). Based on your level, the vendor will be able to sell you starting gear (non-blockchain) for gold. For example, if you are at player level 7, the vendor will have available Lv1 armor sets, while if you are level 26 you will be able to get Lv3 sets etc.

  • The teleport gate (see below), that lets you to quick-travel to other villages. Please note that teleport can be used once you have already visited the destination.


Arenas are secret locations across the open world that let you encounter directly with a boss, in a 1vs1 setting. If you manage to survive the fight you can collect the loot and some materials that can only be found in arenas or portals (such as Ore). Arenas have also increased drop rates compared to the open world.

To enter an arena, you will need to hold and use an arena crystal for the exact same level and rarity. If you hold a Legendary Lv2 crystal, you will need to find both an arena entrance of both the same level (Lv2.) and rarity (Legendary).


Similarly to Arenas, Portals are secret dungeons where to survive and collect some precious loot you have to kill all the monsters that will come your way and defeat the boss to exit safely.

To enter a portal, you will need to hold and use a portal key for the exact same level and rarity. As with Arenas, Portals have increase drop rates compared to the open world.